Advertising spaces

The best showcase for your products and promotions.

More than 40 advertising spaces have become the perfect showcase for those companies that wish to promote their products or let people know about their commercial activity. Arenas de Barcelona has become an icon for the city of Barcelona. In this regard, C.C Arenas de Barcelona is an active organizer of the most important events that take place in the city every year, such as the Patron Saint festivities of La Mercè, the athletic Race (11 km. running race) and Saint George’s day.

The location of the centre, next to the Barcelona Trade Fair, an economic engine of the city, and the Museum area, has also contributed to achieving extraordinary numbers of visitors that increase sales, especially in the restaurant sector.

These days, Arenas de Barcelona welcomes an average of 10 million visitors a year, most of them during the weekend. Arenas de Barcelona is a distinct place that joins trade, culture and leisure. Located within the walls of an exceptional building, of great touristic interest, Arenas aims at offering an unforgettable experience to a wide variety of customers.